Partnership is key

Partners and clients

Together with our partners and clients, Bareau develops solutions for different social- and environmental problems.


Bareau’s current largest projects:

R&D at EnTranCe
Project manager: Kirsten Zagt

After the preliminary scientific preparations were carried out by Bareau from 2008 to 2013 in close cooperation with Wageningen University, the AHPD pilot plant was temporarily set up at the EnTranCe terrain in Groningen. At EnTranCe, Bareau developed the AH2PD-technology and published it as Position Paper I.

 R&D at Heerenveen

Project manager: Bernard de Geus

In 2019 the Bareau AHPD pilot plant was established in Heerenveen. At this pilot plant the AH2PD-technology is further developed and tested towards application at the Ameland AHPD plant.

The first Green Gas Plant: AHPD Ameland
Project manager: Ruud Vink
Ameland’s existing water treatment plant produces sewage sludge, converted into green gas by AHPD technology. The future connection with the large solar park makes it possible to turn the (currently unusable) energy peaks into hydrogen which is then fed to the AHPD installation. This results in an AH2PD-instalation; 100% CO2 is recycled and twice the amount of green gas is produced. This project is realized with support from Waddenfonds (Wad Sea Fund), GasTerra and NAM (Dutch natural gas board)

Natural gas free residential area: AHPD Pekela
Project manager: Kirsten Zagt
SEN foundation (Samen Energie Neutraal/Energy Neutral Together Foundation) and Bareau were awarded a tender issued by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the Quick-Fit solution and AHPD-technology. We will turn Boven Pekela into a natural gas free residential area and produce green gas at the same time! 

CO2-negative: research AHPD Drenthe
Project manager: Aldert van der Kooij
The production of green gas increases significantly by feeding external carbon dioxide to an AHPD-installation. Not only will we produce bio-methane from waste (water) but also from external carbon dioxide and hydrogen; we call this AH3PD. This research is also in the interest of the gas powered industry because it enables us to recirculate and re-use CO2, making fossil gas obsolete. In this project we push for the limits of maximum production capacity of green gas. 

International: AHPD China
Project manager: Bernard de Geus
Sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, we are executing a number of tests to establish what design parameters are needed for an AHPD installation to be able to process domestic organic residuals.