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Energy neutral with Bareau

Energy neutral with Bareau

Energy neural with Bareau


Dutch households use up large quantities of energy, resulting in environmental pollution, depletion of fossil fuels and needless waste of energy.

Bareau offers a solution to produce large quantities of high-end green gas in a sustainable and efficient method, leading to a reduction in use of natural gas by 50%.

Together with SEN (Stichting Samen Energie Neutraal/ Energy Neutral Together Foundation) and in close cooperation with external experts, Bareau has come up with an idea to diminish the use of natural gas in Dutch households.  When homes become more sustainable, energy use will decrease. Demand for natural gas will thereby decline to 50% of current demand.

Cooperation between Bareau and SEN (Stichting Samen Energie Neutraal/ Energy Neutral Together Foundation) has led to the Quick-fit solution. By combining the sustainable ideas of both parties, residences in the Netherlands can be made energy neutral fast and without reinforcing the costs of living.

Please watch the video for a more detailed explanation about the Quick-fit solution


A number of Bareau projects that incorporate the Quick-fit solution are currently in the preparation phase at different sites in the Netherlands. Ameland and Pekela are the first sites to implement AHPD project.