Innovative AHPD process ready for implementation!

By using AHPD technology (Autogenerative High Pressure Digestion), Bareau produces green gas from biomass or wastewater in one single step. The energy needed for driving the process, is biologically and sustainably generated. The biotic pressure in this second-generation high pressure fermentation process, is solely ‘ autogeneratively’ built by microorganisms that do the same on the bottom of the ocean and in other extreme circumstances.

The pressure is used to remove carbon dioxide whereby bio methane or green gas is produced. Subsequently, the same green pressure is used to power the installation, like a biological steam machine.

Our AHPD technology is suitable for application in biomass digestion processes such as wastewater, sewage sludge and residual flows from both the agricultural- and food industry. Bareau has won several innovation prizes with this technology.


Our core activities:

  • laboratory for the development of AHPD technology
  • engineering consultant for the design of purification processes
  • consultancy for decentralised sanitation and sustainable energy
  • training and re-integration on a technical BSc.+ level
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